About vickisivess.org

This is the website of Vicki Sivess. Its purpose is to allow me to try out different website designs and to provide a platform for me to express and develop ideas in general in my journal and articles. I am very interested in education and have started a series of papers on that subject which you can read here.

You will also see other websites I have designed and developed on the portfolio page which contains a form for getting in touch with me.

The whole site is experimental and some of the effects may not work in some browsers. I have chosen to go against the usual convention of keeping to the same look and feel thoughout the whole of this site, in order to allow me to try out different presentational ideas. You can see the home and themes pages laid out differently by selecting from the theme chooser. Those people who use browsers which do not support zooming can also see the text on these pages in different font sizes. You'll need to have cookies enabled to do this as my code writes out one small cookie telling it which stylesheet to pick up.

At present I live in Edinburgh where I spend a lot of time walking my dog, mooching round book shops and charity shops, learning t'ai chi and sitting in front of my laptop.

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