Hey! I’m Vicki. I wrote a book about a band of young bellringers who set off a time-machine and end up trapped in 1968.

Those of us who lived then may think that’s a great time to end up! But it’s not so good if you have no money or papers, and your whole life is rooted in 2019. And, let’s face it, dental surgeries really were like torture chambers! So, they need to get back home, somehow.

I used to be a computer programmer and a university lecturer. Now I spend a lot of my time in my den, writing books and practising my violin, or up church towers, ringing bells. Sometimes I get down to my allotment. Sometimes I jog around the neighbourhood.

I’m pretty sure I invented blogging back in the nineties, when we lived on the Isle of Mull, and I had a web page where I jotted down my daily thoughts. Okay, maybe Justin Hall got there before me! Be that as it may, blogging is much easier nowadays, so it’s time to give it another go.